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Outdoor Learning

Children's learning does not just exist within the classroom. In the 'great outdoors', children learn in ways that would not always lend themselves to classroom situations. They learn about their environment, habitats and sustainability, while also learning about how to work co-operativley and taking risks in a safe environment.

This half term, we have already started making the most of our woodland aread at the back of the field. We have built fairy houses using the materials that the children could find on the ground, so not to harm any creatures or plants. We have observed mini-beasts by identifying them in their own habitats and have also went on a spring/summer hunt - looking for signs of the change in the season. On top of this, we have went around the field identifying the many trees that we have and noting these down.

The children have taken a lot from these experiences and we will continue to build on their knowledge in future sessions.