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Current Learning


In Literacy, we are studying our second book by Anne Fine called 'Bills New Frock'. We have discussed stereotypes and have written a stereotype for an 8 year old boy or girl. We will be looking closely at the structure and style of Anne Fines writing before writing our own version of the story.


Our Maths learning will focus on improving our knowledge of 'Multiplication and Division'. We will be looking at cheats and tricks to help us to learn our times tables up to 12s. We will be learning and practising written methods to multiply (like the grid method) and divide (using the bus stop method). This half term we will also be looking at 'Measurement, Area and Perimeter' where we will be converting meaurements using centimeters and meters. We will aslo look at the difference between area and perimeter whilst also working these out in a variety of shapes


In our Science, we are learning about Forces and Magnetism. We will be learning about how forces are often pushes or pulls and how these can make an object move faster or slower. We will be studying how magnets can come in different strengths and what they can be used for. We will be finding out about the poles of a magnet and what happens when two poles are pushed together


In our topic lessons we studying 'I Am Warrior' which focuses on the Romans. As part of our 'Wow' day we made Roman Army shields and went through some tough Roman centurion training. We will be learning about the Roman invasion of Britain during the time of the Celts and the equipment/weapons that Roman soldiers used. We will be learning about the gods and goddesses that the Romans believed in and why they built Hadrian's Wall  

For details of other subjects/topics please see the knowledge organisers and curriculum overviews