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Current Learning

There are so many ways to communicate: text messages, blogs, emails and podcasts. Which do we prefer?

During this half term, we’ll interview a web designer or blogger, investigating the process their work goes through. After looking at a range of blogs and emails, we’ll write a letter to our headteacher to ask if we can create a class blog. We’ll learn about the history of computing, which surprisingly goes back 6000 years to the Antikythera mechanism, and find out how optical fibre cables are used. Through further exploration of modern technology, we’ll learn about some of the amazing people responsible for its development.

In our ICT work, we’ll investigate how to decide whether a website is trustworthy and what malware is. We’ll write a thriller based on exciting technology and learn about how robots can help us. We’ll explore how to write an algorithm and how to keep safe online. Then, we’ll listen to and download music and create a mock-up website. We’ll learn all about lasers, and make periscopes and complex circuits. We’ll investigate robotic toys and make our own.

At the end of the ILP, we’ll create a podcast for you to listen to and we’ll think about the future of technology.