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School Council


Each class has their own Class Councillors who have been elected by their classmates. They meet each half term to discuss key topics to help to improve school. Throughout this term, the school council are going to be busy in the playground at lunch times, covering issues such as internet safety, road safety, anti-bullying and children's mental health . Keep a look out for them in the playground! They will be organising lots of fun activities and offering top tips!

Last year, the School Council worked hard to produce a video to promote our wonderful school. Follow the link below to watch the video - we hope you enjoy it!

Class 1 Councillors

Harry and Connie

Class 2 Councillors

Grace and Raihaan

Class 3 Councillors

Harrison and Sienna

Class 4 Councillors

Alicia and Reuban

Class 5 Councillors

Joe and Angel