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Voluntary Controlled Primary

Brierley Class


Hi there, and welcome to Brierley Class. I am Mr Ward, the class teacher. Mrs Thompson our fantastic LSA,
also works with us in our classroom. 


We have a bright and enthusiastic mixture of year 3 and year 4 children in our class. Our aim is to ensure that the year 3 children experience a smooth transition from the Key Stage 1 to Key Stage 2 We also want our year 4's to continue to build and progress on their fantastic learning from year 3. Year 4's from our class will join up with their friends from year 4 in Kenney class for Maths, Science, Guided Reading and Spelling lessons with Mrs Carter.



We are fortunate to have a fairly spacious classroom with carpet space, class library, cloak room and our own class toilets.

Here on this page we have put together some helpful tips and things to remember for when you begin in Brierley class in September:

Homework diary

During your first week back in school, you will receive a Homework Diary. You can use this to record any reading that you do at home. Your diary will be checked regularly and you will receive 1 house point each time you read! You may even receive bonus house points and stickers for reading every day! You are going to be given 10 spellings to learn each week and you can keep a record of these in your diary. Finally, your diary can be used to send messages to the teachers in class (e.g. if you have struggled with homework or reading your book). It will be a good idea to have your diary with you every day when you are in school.



Soon after you come back to school, you will be doing a short reading activity.  This will check your reading level and will enable us to put you on the correct colour band in the Key Stage 2 reading scheme.  The KS2 reading scheme is different from that used in Key Stage 1, so please do not be upset if your colour band changes.

We would love you to read at least 3 times per week for 5-10 minutes.  Ask a grown up (who has listened to you read) to sign your diary each time you read, writing down the page number that you get up to.  When you finish your book, bring it back to school and we will change it for you as soon as possible.



Each week you will be given 10 words from the year 3 word list and the common exception word list for you to learn at home and to use in your writing. All the spellings will be on a given theme or rule. Make sure you learn them regularly as there is a test at the end of each week.



In Key Stage 2, you may be expected to do some extra learning at home. This learning maybe to help you to further understand what we have been learning or to find out more about what we have been studying. You will usually recieve a piece of Maths or Literacy (or sometimes both), but sometimes you may have Science or Topic work too. You will always be given plenty of time to complete your homework, but make sure that you check your bags regularly so that you don't miss any.


Our P.E. lessons will usually take place on a MONDAY and a FRIDAY. Try to make sure that you have a full PE kit in school at all times.  This needs to include: trainers/pumps, shorts or tracksuit pants, t-shirt and hoodie.  Our PE lessons will take place both indoors and outdoors all year round (weather permitting).      


Water bottles and fruit

To keep you hydrated and to aid your concentration, feel free to bring a water bottle to school each day (especially during warm weather).  Bottles with a sports cap are better than a screw top as they cause less spillages.  Your water bottles can be taken home to be refilled each night.

You can also bring 1 piece of fresh fruit or a small disposable container of fruit from home each day, to eat during your morning playtime as a healthy snack.