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Charlie's Farm

Charlie's Farm


Charlie let us know about a new arrival to the farm - a gorgeous, but rather big calf had been born.  The children were so excited to see him and thought he was very cute. As he had no name, the children decided to tell Charlie the different names they suggested. There was one name that stood out and Charlie agreed. 

Welcome to the world, baby Lowry! heart

Charlie's Farm

Autumn 1

We are extremely lucky to have paired up with a very successful farmer called Charlie Beaty. Every half term we will be having a virtual visit with us to allow us to see how her job, farm and life on the farm changes through the year. 


We had our first virtual farm visit with Charlie this week. Charlie showed us some of the fields and the woods on her farm in Meriden, Warwickshire. We learned that on her farm she has 180 cows, over 300 sheep, 7 ducks, 11 chickens and 3 tractors. She also has 3 working sheep dogs. As it is Autumn, Charlie told us how they have just finished their harvest. On her farm they grow wheat, beans and oil seed rape. She showed us one of the fields that have been re-seeded for next year. It is now growing wheat which will be used for bread next summer. We look forward to seeing how much it grows over the year and will be thinking of more questions for our next visit as Charlie's farm prepares for Christmas.