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Friday 10th July 2020

Happy Friday Turing Class! 


See the table below for today’s learning. 


Just a reminder that it is really important that you continue to read and practise the times tables every day. I know this is not always in the table but this must be done daily.


If you have any learning-related questions email me on  


I hope you all have a lovely weekend.


Mrs Harvey smiley






LI: To calculate missing angles in polygons.    


Write the date, Roman numeral date and the LI in your maths home learning book (or on paper if you do not have a home learning pack). 


Today, you will continue to calculate missing angles – but today you will focus on angles in polygons. 


Click on the link below for support. 


There is also a PowerPoint in the resource section for you to have a practise. 



Complete the red, blue or gold worksheets. 





LI: To answer comprehension questions. 


Write the long date and LI in your home learning book (or on paper). 


Today, you will be answering questions based on chapters 3 and 4 of The Ghost of Thomas Kempe. If you haven’t read it yet, you will find the chapters in the class novel section. 


Answer the questions in full sentences

You can use the book to help you answer the questions. Remember to use evidence from the text.  


Chapter 3

  1. Who does James think is writing all the messages?
  2. Does Simon agree with James? Explain your answer using evidence for the text. 
  3. Where did James and Simon find the next message?
  4. How was the message signed?
  5. What does Simon suggest that James does about his problem?
  6. What happened when James reacted to the last message?


Chapter 4

  1. What does Simon suggest that they do next?
  2. What type of book did Mrs Branscombe find for them?
  3. Who comes to visit the Harrisons?
  4. Where had there been vandalism in the village?
  5. What is the message on the writing pad about?
  6. Who is the policeman looking for?







This week the children in school have complete portraits of their favourite animals. See the pictures below. 









So today, I would like you to find a picture of your favourite animal and either draw a full portrait of half a portrait like the ones above. 


It would be great to see your artwork, so send it to the class email if you can. 






The website for Go Noodle is:

The YouTube channel is: