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Voluntary Controlled Primary

Friday 15th Jan


Today we are practising blending words especially with our new week's sounds - igh, oa,ee, ai 

Watch the video.

Play some of the phonics games on Phonics play or Phonics bloom. 


Today we are having a go at writing our story. 

We will be writing it in two parts, with the first part today. 

You will need: Your boxing map from yesterday

                      Pencil and paper


Today we are looking at representing 8 in different ways.


Today for PE we will be using Andy's Wild Workout. 

We will be learning about different habitats while we do it! laugh

Reading Bug Club or reading books
Story time

Today we are reading Going On a Bear Hunt, read by Michael Rosen.

You may need some space to act it out with him! Enjoy!! smiley