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Friday 1st May 2020








Happy Friday Turing Class! 


Today is the last day of home learning for this week before the weekend.



Today is also International Space Day. So do you know what that means?... you have to moonwalk all day!!! 

Below is a link for some space themed activities you might want to have a go at.



See the table below for today’s learning. 


Just a reminder that it is really important that you continue to read and practise the times tables every day. I know this is not always in the table but this must be done daily.


Remember if you don’t have a home learning pack you will need to complete the work in your own notebook or on a piece of paper. 


If you have any learning-related questions email me on I would be really good to see some of your learning so if an adult allows you to, you can send me pictures of your learning or things you have been doing whilst at home – I will be putting these on the website. 


Mrs Harvey smiley






LI: To solve algebra problems.    


Write the date, Roman numeral date and the LI in your maths home learning book (or on paper if you do not have a home learning pack). 


Today, you will recap on algebra. Remember this can by BODMAS or working out what the letters in problems represent. 


Click on the following links – these will take you to the BBC Bitesize website where it has information and videos to help learn about algebra.


BODMAS is the order you complete the calculation in.


Orders (square numbers)







(8 + 3) x 9 = 

Because there is brackets in this problem, I will do that part of the calculation first.

So 8 + 3 = 11 

Then I can complete the calculation 

11 x 9 = 99



(8 + 3) x 9 = 99 




When you are solving what a letter represents, you sometimes have to do the inverse (opposite) calculation. 



6 + = 9

m =


For this question I would do:

9 – 6 = 3

Then I would check the original question is correct:

6 + 3 = 9



= 3 



Your task is to answer the questions from either the red, blue or gold worksheet. Make sure you choose the correct worksheet. 





LI: To answer comprehension questions. 


Write the long date and LI in your home learning book (or on paper). 


Today is International Space Day, so you are going to answer questions based on the biography of Tim Peake. 


The text, questions and answers are in one document in the resource section. There are stars at the bottom of the pages - choose one star for the red text and questions, two stars for the blue and three stars for the gold. 


Remember to answer the questions in full sentences. 







LI: To learn about Prophets. 


Turn to the back of your Literacy home learning book and write the long date and LI.


Last week, we started our new RE topic ‘Called by God’. You had a think about the times when you have been asked to do something and how this made you feel. 


God often asked people who felt they were not capable of the task to do things for him. 


The Prophets in the Old Testament were called by God. 



I would like you to research what a Prophet is. You can use a dictionary if you have one or use the internet.


Some of the Prophets are Moses, Abraham, Jonah, Isaiah, Jeremiah, Samuel and Elijah. I would like you to find some information on each of these Prophets. You can write this using bullet points if you wish.






Practise this week’s spellings in your spelling book or your literacy home learning book. 


Remember the spelling test is on Monday! 





Today’s PE is for you complete your own fitness session that you planned on Monday. 


Remember to send me them too so I can have a go! 


Joe Wicks

You can also take part in the PE with Joe if you wish. You can do this at 9am when Joe Wicks is live on his YouTube channel or you can do it later by clicking on today’s PE lesson video.













You can send your completed learning to the class email for it to be marked and to receive feedback.