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Voluntary Controlled Primary

Friday 22nd January


During todays Maths lesson, we will learning how to use known times tables to answer ten times greater questions.
We will begin by recapping our 3 and 4 time stable knowledge before we start to explore the 10 times table. We will then move on to multiplying 1 digit numbers by multiples of 10.
Watch the tutorial video and complete the tasks. There are 2 parts of the task for you to complete each asking you to practice what we have learnt


For your Literacy lesson today, I would like you to plan a newspaper article.
This newspaper article can be about any event or incident that has happened to you or that you have been involved in
You may choose to write about:
- a sporting achievement (e.g. winning a cup final/winning a gymnastics competition or horse riding competition)

- a nice surprise

- an accident

- winning a competition

You will need to think about all of the key features of a newspaper article

  • Headline
  • Picture with caption
  • Introductory sentence (introducing the 5W's)
  • Facts about what happened
  • Direct and reported speech from a person involved or an eye-witness
  • Concluding sentence


To revise these key features and to help you to plan, read the 'Planning a newspaper report' Powerpoint. It uses the story of Little Red Riding Hood to show you how to plan a newspaper article using events in a story. You can use these  ideas to plan the article about an event that happened to you.



Use the planning sheet to plan your article.


We are going to continue our learning about Hinduism by finding out about who founded Hinduism and where.

Read through the PowerPoint and watch the included video.
To begin the lesson we will recap the main religions of the world before we find out which region of the world Hinduism was founded. We will then try to find this region on a map. Next, we will try to find out who founded the religion of Hinduism.

Your task - Use the information from the PowerPoint and the maps from the resources below to create an information poster about where and how Hinduism was formed. You can choose to do this on a computer or by hand. You may wish to do some extra research for your poster.