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Friday 26th February


To describe unit and non-unit fractions

In this lesson, we will use our knowledge and understanding of unit fractions to explore the idea of non-unit fractions. We will use images and visual resources to help us with this.
We will warm up by writing down and drawing as many unit fractions as you can remember. Next we will begin our learning by using fractions to compare the relationship between different bars. Finally we will look at identifying different fractions.
Click on the picture below to watch today's video lesson. Have a go at some of the questions on the video.



Your task
Show as many different relationships between unit and non unit fractions using the bars on the sheet that you have been given. The bars are also shown below. Draw and label your findings.

e.g. The white bar is half of the red bar. The white bar is a quarter of the pink bar.


For our Literacy learning today, we are are going to practise our comprehension skills.

We are going to learn about a famous and important lady called Rosa Parks.
Rosa Parks was an African-American woman who made history with her comparatively small action of sitting still on a bus, which went on to spark major changes in American society

Read the 2 star text about Rosa Parks to find out about:
- her early life
- how people were separated (segregated) by the colour of their skin, in American at that time

- the bus ride that changed history

- what happened next


Watch the video about Rosa Park's story by clicking here


Read the 2 star text carefully and answer the questions. Answer the questions in sentences (where possible). Some questions will have the answers in the text but others may require you to think about why a writer has included certain features or to make predictions.


Today in our R.E. lesson we will begin our learning in our new topic about Judiasm. We will begin by looking at Who and where Judiasm was founded.
Judaism was founded in a land called Canaan. This place no longer has
the name Canaan. 
The land that was in Canaan is now a country called Israel. Canaan also included lands from other countries near to modern Israel. Judaism was founded around 1812 BC with the covenant made between God and Abraham. Read the story of how Judiasm was founded by reading the PowerPoint in the resources.


Your task - Imagine that you are Sarah from the story if the creation of Judiasm. How would you answer the questions. Write down what you think Sarah would have answered on the 2 star activity sheet.