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Voluntary Controlled Primary

Friday 29th January


Today we are going to make appropriate estimates of length by using our cm estimators. We will also be comparing our estimates and the actual lengths.
We will begin the lesson by recapping our important vocabulary star words that we use when taking about length. We will then learn about making estimates and the fact that  it doesn't matter if our estimate is wrong, as long as it is close to the answer. We will compare our estimates before we get out our rulers to measure.
Watch the tutorial video and complete the tasks. There are 2 parts of the task for you to complete each asking you to practice what we have learnt


Your tasks - There are 2 tasks to complete today.
Task 1 - Practise measuring and drawing lines accurately. Remember to start measuring from the '0' line

Task 2 - Choose some small objects from around your home/class. First, Estimate the length of each object. Then, measure the object carefully. Can you work out the difference between your estimate and the actual measurement? Were you close?

Today during our Literacy lesson, we are going to be learning about imperative (bossy) verbs.
An imperative verb makes a sentence bossy! It gives you an order or command. They are direct and sharp. You do not need to be polite when using imperative verbs in your writing e.g. Line up for assembly.
We often use them in instructional writing. We can use them to write:


DIY manuals.

Game instructions.

Car directions.

Read through the 'Imperative (bossy) verbs' PowerPoint to learn how to change sentences to make them bossy and to practise identifying imperative verbs

Your task - Convert the sentences in the activity so that they become bossy sentences which contain an imperative verb. Can you think of any more imperative verbs that you haven't used yet? Write a bossy sentence for each one.



We are going to continue our learning about Hinduism by learning about special places for Hindus.

During the lesson, we are going to learn about:

  • what Puja involves
  • what Aarti is and when it happens
  • the Hindu place of Worship - the Mandir
  • how Hindus worship at home

Read through the PowerPoint and watch the videos:
Take a tour through a Mandir click here

Learn about a home shrine click here.


Your task - On your activity sheet you will see 2 Mandirs. One in the UK and the other is in India. Using what you have learnt and the evidence in the pictures, write down how you think the 2 Mandirs are similar and how you think that they may be different.