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Voluntary Controlled Primary

Friday 5th February


Today we are going to be looking at different 2D shapes and calculate their perimeters in mixed units but this time we will be looking at measurements in cm (centimetres) and m (metres).
We will begin our lesson by ordering sets of measurements from shortest to largest. We will then learn how to find the perimeters of shapes using m and cm, by adding together all of the m measurements and then all of the cm measurements. We then add the m and cm together. REMEMBER - there are 100cm in 1m.

Watch the video to see examples of finding the perimeter of different shapes in m and cm


Your tasks
1. Pause the video and see if you can find the perimeter of the shapes on the video. Check your answer by restarting the video

2. Find the perimeter of the shapes in the independent tasks. Click on the link below:


For our Literacy learning today, we are are going to practise our comprehension skills.

We are going to read the 3 star text about the famous scientist Isaac Newton. Read the text and find out about:

  • Isaac Newton's childhood
  • where he studied
  • the discoveries that he made

Make a note of any words that you are unsure of the meaning. Use a dictionary or the internet to find out the meaning and write this down. Answer the questions in sentences (where possible). Some questions will have the answers in text but others may require you to think about why a writer has included certain features or to make predictions.


We are going to continue our learning about Hinduism by learning about Hindu festivals.

During this lesson we will learn the names and describe the main Hindu festivals.

The 3 main festivals are called:

  • Holi
  • Navaratri
  • Diwali

Read through the 'Hindu festivals' PowerPoint. Here you find out about how each festival is celebrated, when it occurs and you will be able to read the story behind each festival


Your tasks
Task 1 - Read through the PowerPoint and answer the questions in the boxes provided.

Task 2 - Cut out and choose key words to go with each of the festivals.