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Friday 5th March


To compare and order unit fractions

For our warm up, can you write as many different fractions as you can for this amount:

For example there are 18 stars so 1/2 of 18 = 9. How many more can you find?


In this lesson, we will explore the size of different unit fractions. We will compare and order these fractions, focusing on their denominators before we apply this knowledge to compare unit fractions of the same quantity.
Click on the picture below to watch today's video lesson. Have a go at some of the questions on the video.


Your tasks

Task 1Compare the fractions. Use the symbols <, > and = to complete the comparison.

Use the fraction wall to compare your own unit fractions.

Task 2Order the fractions. Use the fraction wall to order the fractions.

Task 3Comparing unit fractions of the same quantity. Use the pictorial representations to help you compare the fraction statements.


Today we are are going to be writing an advertisement to sell the house that we were writing about yesterday. People who advertise and sell houses are called estate agents.    Estate agents often use “creative” language to describe houses they have to sell. Sometimes they omit (leave out) the bad points of a house. Sometimes they exaggerate the selling points of a house. They may use language like:

- Well presented
- Ideal for the DIY enthusiast

- In immaculate (perfect) condition

Read the 'Estate Agent Brochure' PowerPoint presentation to see examples of positive and negative comments that an estate agent may use to help to sell a house. You can also have a go at the 'Climbing the property ladder' quiz where you can guess what estate agents actually mean.

Look at this example of a real house that is for sale. Can you spot the positive language that the estate agent has used in this advertisement. Add these examples to your list.


Your task - Create an advertisement to sell the house that you wrote about in the last lesson. You can use the template at the bottom of the page or design your own layout for the house advert. Remember to include as much detail as you can about the best rooms in the house to draw any potential buyers in! 

To explain the main beliefs in Judaism.
In today's R.E lesson we are going to learn about the main Jewish beliefs. These beliefs are formed from the 10 commandments given to Moses by God. These commandments were a list of 10 rules for people to live by. 

The ten rules (commandments) given to Moses are as follows:

The first commandment is to put God first.
The second command is to worship only God. 
The third commandment is to use God’s name with respect. 
The forth commandment is to remember God's Sabbath. 
The fifth commandment is to respect our parents.  
The sixth commandment says don't hurt others. 
The seventh commandment tells us to be faithful in marriage. He wants us to love our wife or husband and treat them with respect.
The eighth commandment is don't steal. 
The ninth commandment is don't lie. 
The last commandment is don't be envious of others. 


Do you think that these rules should still be followed today? Do you think that these commandments are always easy to follow? Why?

You can read about the story of how God gave these commandments to Moses by reading the 'Judaism main beliefs' PowerPoint presentation and by watching the video by clicking here



Your task

We are going to create a class book of the 10 commandments. Choose one of the commandments and write it on your page (template can be downloaded below). Decorate your commandment appropriately for the rule that you have chosen. Choose a second commandment and do the same thing. You should finish with 2 completed commandments.