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Friday 8th January

Friday 8th Jan - Reception. Year 1s, please see Stephenson's page. 


Today we are looking at the digraph 'ng'


Today, we are carrying on the story of The Sweet Talking Potato. 

You will need your Story Map from yesterday. 

Today, we are learning to step and talk our story.


Today, we are carrying on our work adding two groups together.

You will need: Counting objects (this can be something like pasta, lego, buttons or anything you can count).

                     Part whole model (like the diagram below - it can be drawn on a piece of paper)

                     Number cards (we wrote our numbers on post its, but you can use pieces of paper or card).



Today, we are going to do some Yoga for PE.


Bug Club  or reading the books you have at home. 

If you need any hard copy of books, please let me know and I can leave some for collection at the office.