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To keep in contact about any home learning issues or to share what your children have been up to, please email me through


Mrs Mulligan

Woodhouses and St Martin's are now sharing online learning.

Here is the link to the resources, lessons and activities on the St Martin's website.

Remember to share your learning with your teacher at Woodhouses.

Wash Your Hands with Baby Shark | Baby Shark Hand Wash Challenge | @Baby Shark Official

A song to get into your head...and never leave! Enjoy!

Wk 30/3/20

Look at the new picture under 'Literacy Pictures'.

What has happened? How did it happen? What caused it? What is he saying? 

Write a 3 sentences or a short story to explain what happened to the Lego man. Be as adventurous  as you want! :) 



This week we are reviewing the sound 'air'. 

Make up some words containing the sound 'air'.

Practise writing these words - chair pair hair fair stairs


This week - look at the picture in the Maths picture file - how many ways can you make it? 

Lets go on a shape hunt! 

Lets see if you can find things round your home that are - a circle, square, rectangle, triangle, pentagon, hexagon.



Find out about someone famous (your choice who). 

           - when did they live? Can you put it on a time line (we already know Great Fire of London, King 

              Richard III, Queen Elizabeth  I and Queen Victoria as well as our own time line of our life)

          - where did they come from? Can you find it on a map?

          - what are they famous for?

          - draw a portrait of them

          - write a few sentences about why they are famous 

          - draw and label a picture of what made them famous (if possible)

          - create a mini fact-file about them. 


Share the video of the story of Jesus' sacrifice  -

Talk about why Christians today see the cross as an important symbol to remember what Jesus did for us. Create your own cross using bits of coloured tissue paper, coloured paper or even ripped up magazines.  



This week is all about Sunshine!  Last week, lots of people put rainbows in their windows to say thanks to our key workers. 

This week, we will be making sunshines. We learned about hot and cold colours in art in class. Talk about what colours make good 'hot' colours. Create a picture to put in your window - don't forget to take a picture and share with me wink


Wk 23/3/30 Reception (Year 1 please see Stephenson's year 1 tasks) 

Topic -  This week our topic will be on a country of your child's choice. 

                 - find the country on the map

                 - find out which continent it is in

                 - find out what the money is called they use

                 - how to say 'hello' and 'goodbye' 

                 - draw the country's flag

                 - find out about a custom from that country

                 - write a postcard from that country. 


Literacy - Teach the someone at home the story of The Little Red Hen. 

                 Write the story of The Little Red Hen (not all in one sitting!)

Science  file://dc01/hd$/dena.mulligan/Documents/Lowry%202019%202020/School%20Closure/Y1/Eating%20healthy%20lunch%20activity.pdf



RE - The story of Easter

Hi  Lowry parents,

I will be updating our website with lots of activities and ideas to keep our lovely little Lowryettes busy and keep their brains ticking over. For literacy, I will be posting a task appropriate to their level, I will also direct you to a game on a website or a game/activity that can be done at home. We will also be focussing on a mini - topic each week to allow the children to learn about a certain focus and some activities around this. If you are a Year 1 parent, myself and Mrs Rowan have got our heads together and created our work for Year 1.  Please visit Stephenson's page for this Year 1 work. 

I will also be adding some story videos to the website of some of the children's favourites from class, to allow the children to have that contact that some may need. 

There will be an email set up for class should you have any problems around accessing materials or if you would like to share any pictures of the children doing their tasks. It is a very uncertain time for our children and this will be nice for them to know you are still in touch with me. Reception parents, if you have still working access to Tapestry, you can always use that. 

I really hope to see you all very soon and see our lovely little class together. 

Stay happy, stay positive and most importantly, stay healthy. 

Mrs Mulligan