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Voluntary Controlled Primary

Lowry Class

A very warm welcome to Lowry Class! 

My name is Mrs Mulligan and I am the class teacher for Lowry Class. In our class we also have an LSA called Miss Jarvis who works with us every day. We are a Year 1 and Reception mix class. This means that the children in Reception are accessing the Early Years Curriculum, while our Year 1s are accessing the National Curriculum. 

In Lowry Class, we enjoy using the outdoors and are very lucky to have such wonderful grounds. We will be enjoying playing and learning in our own playground as well as the woodland around our playing field. In Lowry, we encourage curiosity and discovery, often encouraging and developing children's skills and knowledge based on their interests. 

In our classroom, we have many exciting areas and daily add to these areas with things the children will request or that we feel will enhance their curiosity. We encourage children to be respectful of our class and work as a team to make sure everything is tidy by the end of the day. In Lowry, we encourage children to be independent and this is important for handwashing and toileting. We are lucky to have our toilets situated in class, so children don't need to go far! 

We will be delivering our new members of Lowry class a starter bag. It will have all the information needed to get started as well as a few extra bits to share. We are very excited to welcome our new children in in September and become part of the Woodhouses Family. 

Lowry Class transition story

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