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Monday 11th Jan

Monday 11th January 2021 Reception - Year 1s, please see Stephenson's page


Today we are learning the new sound 'ai'

You can have a go at writing some words containing 'ai' and making some alien words too. 

There is also Bob and Obb in the Useful website section, where you can select the 'ai' sound. 


Today we are carrying on our work with numbers within 6, but we are looking at the concept of 

subtraction. Have your part whole model, number cards and counting objects ready.


We really enjoyed stepping out the story The Sweet Talking Potato in class last week. 

This week, we are carrying on with it. 

Today, you will need a pencil and your story map.


Today's science is a new topic about how we can improve our planet. 

Watch today's lesson.

and then follow up with these supporting videos -

Reading Bug Club or reading books you have at home.
Story for the day

Today's story is Octopants by Suzy Senior