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Voluntary Controlled Primary

Monday 18th January


In today's Maths lesson, we are going to be using factors and products to solve division problems

In this lesson we will be using and applying known facts around fact families, multiples and factors to solve problems.

During this lesson we will be recapping our fact families, exploring factors and multiples and d we will use our knowledge to solve word problems.
Watch the tutorial video and complete the tasks. There are 2 parts of the task for you to complete each asking you to practice what we have learnt

In today's Literacy lesson, we are going to be practising our speech punctuation.
In this lesson, we will start by improving a sentence using adjectives, verbs and an adverbial phrase or clause. Then we will investigate different types of speech punctuation and put them into practice. Lastly, we will write our own speech in bubbles and transfer them into sentences with the appropriate speech punctuation.
Your task - Be the teacher!
Mr Ward is marking the children’s work in his class. They have been written using direct speech. Help Mr Ward by circling the mistake(s) in each sentence and then write it out correctly.

Reading Comprehension
Read the newspaper article (taken from a real newspaper) -  'It's getting rash near this caterpillar'. Read the text carefully and answer the questions. Remember -  some questions will ask for answers from the text while others will ask for predictions or about how you feel towards the text. 
Its' Monday, which means that it is time for P.E. It is time to keep you fit and active, I would like you to join in with Joe Wicks and his online PE lesson. Find plenty of space and enjoy exercising with Joe. You could ask your family to join in too! Click on the picture below