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Monday 1st February


We are going to start a new week of learning by finding out about applying what have learnt to length and measurement problems.
We will begin by thinking about the different units of measurements and which we would use to measure different objects (e.g. we would use metres to measure the height of a house). We will then move on to finding equivalent measurements. For example if we know that there are 100cm in a metre, we can work out that in 6 metres there are 600cm ( 6 x 100). Finally we will look at ordering mixed unit lengths.

Click on the link below to watch today's video lesson:


Your task - Complete the 4 short tasks based on what we have learnt in todays lesson


Today during our Literacy lesson, we are going to be divising some gruesome ingredients for our monster pizza.
We will warm up to our lesson by attempting to put a set of instructions in order. Next we will recap on using commas in lists before we think about the ingredients of a pizza (thinking about a normal pizza and a monster's pizza!). Here we will be thinking about the ingredients for the base, the sauce and the toppings. We ill need to think about descriptive language to describe these ingredients e.g slimy snakes, slippery slugs.
Click on the link below to watch the video lesson which explains more:


Your task - Mike the Monster wants to make a delicious monster pizza.
What disgusting ingredients do you think he could use? Think about what he could use for the toppings, the dough and the sauce. Use an adjective before each ingredient to make them even more horrible

Reading Comprehension

For our reading comprehension this week, we will be learning about Fairtrade. Fairtrade means that farmers receive a fair price for the food that they produce. I would like you to read the 2 star 'Fairtrade' non fiction text. Read the text carefully and answer the questions. Remember -  some questions will ask for answers from the text while others will ask for predictions or about how you feel towards the text. 


Its' Monday, which means that it is time for P.E. It is time to improve your fitness and get you active, I would like you to join in with Joe Wicks and his next online PE lesson. Find plenty of space and enjoy exercising with Joe. You could ask your family to join in too! Click on the picture below