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Monday 1st March


Today, we are going to be reviewing 'z' and 'zz'

Do you remember the action for these? We made the action of zipping up our jacket - fast for 'z' and slow for 'zz'

Have a go at writing these words with 'z' or 'zz' using look/cover/write/check.

zip, zap, buzz, fuzz, jazz, fuzzy, buzzy

Try and write this sentence on your own. Remember to count the words, say it over and over before writing. Finger spaces, capital letter and full stops.

The fuzzy bee went buzz past the flower. 


We really enjoyed last week's story of the Noisy House. 

Today, we are carrying on that unit but we are going to use a nursery rhyme to help us tell it.


Today, we are starting a new unit on shapes. 

To jog our memory of 2D shape, we need to remember that 2D shapes are flat shapes. Here is a song 

to help.

Today's lesson is about 3D shapes. These are shapes that we could hold as they are not flat.

What 3D shapes can you find in your house?

Here is a brilliant song to remember the names of some 3D shapes laugh



Today, we are taking our learning about spring to looking at the plants that are starting to grow. 

Last week in school we found daffodils, crocuses, tulips and daisies growing. Have you spotted any growing in your garden?

Reading Bug Club or reading books
Story Time

Don't Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus!