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Voluntary Controlled Primary

Monday 22nd Feb


We are going to start this week by reviewing all the sounds in Phase 3. 

Today, we are going to look at the sound 'j'

Practise writing these words through look, cover, write, check. 

jump, jet, jocker, jelly, jar, 

Have a go at writing the sentence (without copying from the screen!)

The jocker jumped into a pot of jelly. 

Don't forget the capital at the start, finger spaces and full stop at the end. 


Today, we are starting a new Literacy unit called The Noisy House. 

We are going to work with the author Adam Guillian to listen to the story and create some actions to go with it. Enjoy!


Today, we are working on 'time'. 

For today's lesson, we are going to be thinking about the Seasons.


We did so well last half term with our work on recycling and understanding how our choices can impact our planet. I hope you are still working hard on making sure things go in the correct bin, and reusing where you can. 

Today, we start a new unit on changes in seasons. Today's focus is Springtime.

Reading Bug Club or get in touch for new reading books. 
Story Time

Snappy The Alligator (Did not ask me to be in this book)