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Monday 25th Jan


Today, we are learning a new sound 'ow'

Here is a video of some of our tricky words - how many can you remember and spot?


Last week we did really good work on discussing whether Little Red Riding Hood should or should not go into the forest. 

There were 3 reasons for, and 3 against. 

Can you remember them? Tell them to a grown up. 

Today we are boxing up the discussion.

Here is the discussion map we made to help you. 



We have done so well building our knowledge of numbers to 10, that now we are going to have some problems to solve. 

You will need your counting objects and a tens frame. Don't forget, you can draw this out on a piece of paper (2 rows of 5 boxes)


We did well last week at learning about what climate change was - the earth heating up - and how the rainforests being cut down were having terrible consequences for the world. 

Today, we are looking at global warming and how it is affecting Polar habitats.

Reading Bug Club or reading books. Don't forget to get in touch if you need any books or your books changing. 
Story Time Today' book is the Marvellous Moon Map written and read by Teresa Heapy