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Voluntary Controlled Primary

Monday 8th February


This week for our Maths lessons we are going to be learning about Graphs.
In this lesson we will consider what data is and how this can be represented using pictograms, including where pictures represent more than 1.
We will begin by defining what data is, before we start to explore pictograms. We will learn how to read pictograms to answer questions about the data. Click on the picture below to watch today's video lesson. Have a go at some of the questions on the video

Your task - Answer the questions about the pictograms that you are given.

Task A includes 'True or False' questions.

Task B requires other written answers.

Can you complete the challenge questions? 


In this lesson, we will recap the features of instructions and write the instructions for making a pizza for a monster using sequencing words, adverbs, adjectives and imperative verbs.

We will begin this lesson by recapping sequencing words. Here we will be suggesting words to insert into a set of instructions. Next we will remind ourselves about the different word classes (nouns, verbs, adjectives and adverbs) that we could use when writing instructions. We will then practise using these words when writing a set of instructions. Finally we will learn to check what we have written. Have we included all of our word classes?

Watch the video lesson to find out more:

Your task - Use the template to write a set of instructions to make a monster's pizza. Don't forget to say how to make the base, the sauce and the toppings. Try to include the different word classes in each numbered step.

Reading Comprehension

For our reading comprehension this week, we will be learning about Valentines day (which is happening this Sunday!)

Saint Valentines day is celebrated around the world on the 14th February although it is not a national or religious holiday. It is a traditional celebration of love and is marked by giving cards and presents such as flowers and chocolates. Read the text to find out about:
- why we celebrate Valentines day

- when Valentines day was first spoken of

- Valentines day around the world

- how to say "I love you" in different languages

I would like you to read the 2 star 'Valentines Day' non fiction text. Read the text carefully and answer the questions. Remember -  some questions will ask for answers from the text while others will ask for predictions or about how you feel towards the text. 


Its' Monday, which means that it is time for P.E. It is time to improve your fitness and get you active, I would like you to join in with Joe Wicks and his next online PE lesson. Find plenty of space and enjoy exercising with Joe. You could ask your family to join in too! Click on the picture below

Think about our Science work -
What happens to your heart as you exercise with Joe?

Can you identify any muscles that you are using as you exercise?