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Week 5

phonics play: Alternative sounds for 'ee'. 

You can read the postcard and ask your child to stand up when they hear an 'ee' sound, then work together to write them all down. We play this at school, and the children really enjoy it. 


There are also some fun free comics, that your child can access to practise phonics at:


Week 4

Year 1: Try this phonics screening check with your child, to highlight any sounds that they may need more practise with. Please let me know if you need resources or ideas for certain sounds (click link above).









Week 3

Year 1:  digraph ew - Education City (login: Stephenson password: Stephenson)


digraph au



Also, practise all sounds learnt so far - on phonicsplay by playing games from phase 2 to 5 

free login: march20   password: home