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Week 5 

There are 2 religious festivals being celebrated this week.

Christians will celebrate the Ascension of Jesus into Heaven on 21st May.

Muslims will celebrate Eid Al Fitr on 24th May, marking the end of Ramadan.


The Ascension is important as it was Jesus saying goodbye to the disciples and ascending to God in heaven shows children the importance of how we live our lives on earth.

The Ascension of Jesus

   Jesus says Good-bye!
Adapted from Acts 1:1-10
Jesus said to his friends one day,
"Very soon I must go away,
Don't be sad because 
I will come back again!
Jesus told his friends: 
"Tell my story everywhere."
And then as his beloved friends
were standing there
Jesus went up, up, up 
Into the sky!

Watch and read the story:



 Muslim children explain how they will celebrate Eid -Al-Fitr:

Try the Eid Al Fitr quiz:




Week 4 -  Stories Jesus Told - The Good Samaritan 



Pretend you are the man who was saved by the Good Samaritan. Write a letter to him to say thankyou, and how he has helped you or make a poster about helping all our neighbours. Think about people who help us in our lives. Who are our neighbours? How can we help them? 


Week 3 RE:  Introduction to Judaism


Complete the activities then make a poster to explain what Judaism is, and what Jewish people believe