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During the month of May, pupils in Year 2 will be completing the end of Key Stage One tests (SATS).  It is vital that all pupils are in school every day to ensure they complete these assessments to the best of their abilities.


Pupils will sit 4 short assessments: Reading Paper 1, Reading Paper 2, Maths Reasoning, Maths Arithmetic. The tests will be completed in small groups with a familiar adult. Children are aware that they will be having quizzes after the Easter Holidays, but we have been careful not to make them anxious and it is our aim that the children will not even know the tests have been taken! Further information about the tests can be found below.


This week your child has been enlisted into our Secret Agent Training Service (SATs!) in order to make this time more engaging for them. Your child will be taking part in a variety of ‘secret agent’ activities as well as special quizzes and activities in small groups. This will all count towards their ‘secret agent’ training (and inadvertently prepare them for the SATs tests!). They will come home this week with some 'secret agent' activities but you can also support your child at home in the following ways:

  • Read with an adult every day.
  • Practise spellings and handwriting daily.
  • Practise Times Tables Rock Stars daily.
  • Watch the 'secret agent' training videos found below.
  • Attend school on time every day.


If you have any questions or concerns about KS1 assessments, please do not hesitate to ask. Parents and carers will receive KS1 assessment results in end of year reports in July.

Kind Regards,

Mrs Killion

Parent and Carer Information

Secret Agent Training Practise

The following links will take you to Special Agent You Tube videos. Your child may want to just watch or follow along with paper and a pencil: