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Voluntary Controlled Primary

Snow Day Learning

Kenney Class

Snow Day Learning


Hello Team Kenney! Today, we are back to online learning for one day due to the snowy weather. 


I hope you all have a wonderful day. Keep safe and we will see you all on Monday.


Mrs Harvey :) 




Use the link below. This will take you to our yoga lesson. Follow along, I'm sure you'll enjoy it.




Year 4

Complete the Multiplication: 6x, 7x & 9x activity on Purple Mash. 


Year 5 

Complete the Long Multiplication activity on Purple Mash. 




Research Tutankhamun's tomb and complete activity on Purple Mash. There is some information about Tutankhamun's tomb on the Purple Mash activity to help you. 




Watch the video:

Lego Easter Story (Jesus' Death & Resurrection) - YouTube

Can you create your own Easter story from toys? Or could paint/draw pictures to show the Easter story? What music would you put to the different parts?