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Stephenson Class has been the strangest school year ever hasn't it? Not one any of us would have expected or would like to have again. We want thank you all as parents and carers for your support and patience during this time. Some of you will move on and I will miss you so much. I am only next door though, so will see you next year, thank goodness. Some of you will still be here with me, so I am looking forward to that! Have a wonderful Summer break, and please don't worry about September. We will have fun learning in our new classroom, and outside too. It will be fantastic! We have added some fun activities to share during the holidays below, so enjoy!  

A little song for the children:


Love Mrs Rowan laughXXX

PS. Mrs Thompson says have a great Summer and she will see you all soon. laughXXX


We haven't bought individual end of year gifts as it would have been difficult to get them to the children. Instead, we have decided to adopt a beautiful, majestic Rothschild's Giraffe at Chester Zoo. Our class name will be displayed on a 'thankyou' plaque for a whole year. We hope that you might visit the zoo, and send us a photograph of yourselves by the plaque!  

Woodhouses and St Martin's are now sharing online learning.

Here is the link to the resources, lessons and activities on the St Martin's website.

Remember to share your learning with your teacher at Woodhouses.






Some parents have asked for home learning packs to be printed off, so they can collect from our office. I have also added the link below if you would prefer to use this pack and print off yourselves.

Also, if your child is working on this pack, they don't need to do English and Maths work set below.


Welcome to Summer Term Home Learning







    We will set mini topics each week, to keep you busy, researching and recording your findings. We will be learning all about the seaside towns in the UK. In Science, we will be learning about plants. RE will  continue with stories from the Bible that Jesus told, the Bible, and we will also be learning about the special books of other faiths.  We are really looking to seeing your lovely work again, and if you need to ask us anything at all, remember... you can email us! 

         Mrs Rowan and Mrs Thompson heart


       Weekly Timetable

You don't need to follow this, but it is a guide to help you organise your child's learning.



Spelling Test






Year 1: Phonics

Year 2: Spelling


Literacy: Grammar



Year 1: Phonics

Year 2: Spelling





Year 1: Phonics

Year 2: Spelling





Year 1: Phonics

Year 2: Spelling




Take a look at Ronnie's film about The Great Fire of London.

It's amazing! 


Information about buses by Ronnie
Ronnie's bus complete with seats!
Look at Jacob's beautifully joined handwriting.
Harry's Frensh transport work
Ada's minibeast hunt
Harry's taste experiment
Sami's topic work. Well done!
Eva's notella plant.
Jacob did this drawing with Bob.
Layla and her mum at Niagara Falls in Canada!
Layla in her office!
Grace's fab work on transport
Connie's beautiful Topic work. Lovely Handwriting!
Harry relaxing with a good read
Payton learning about bikes
payton's lovely Topic work!
Grace's alliteration poem
The Lost Sheep by Harry
Harry's fact file
Harry's science work
Harry's letter to you all
Eva's beautiful poetry
Beautiful work by Grace using alliteration
Sami's endangered animal poster
Sami's learning
Busy in the office
Harty working hard on his Mtahs
Layla's questions for her Canadian friends
Dynamo's number one fan
George's French work
Joseph concentrating on beautiful handwriting
Grace's leaflet about rhinos
Payton's postcard
Eva's leaflet
Ada's letter
Max drawing with his feet, in Science
Aubrey drawing with her feet
Grace's natural artwork
Grace keeping busy on her horse!
George's hand made wrapping paper
Ethan's recycled bottles garden


We have a famous person in our class!

Layla decided to learn about Canada last half term, and has been in contact with some Canadian children from a town called Barrie in Ontario. There is a report all about it in their local newspaper!!

Read it here!


Layla also has famous friends. Check out her learning below....with Dynamo the magician!!!!!!!

Easter Holiday Learning

Stephenson class home learning!

Letters from our Stephenson's Rockets