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Voluntary Controlled Primary

Thursday 14th January 2021


There will be no afternoon Google Meet today. 

Please join the Google Meet this morning at 10:15 - it would be great to see you all!



Home Learning

Thursday 14th January 2021


Remember to send your completed learning to the class email ( for it to be marked and to receive feedback.




Bug Club or own book. 




LI: To add decimals.  


Today, we will use a formal written method to add decimal numbers.  


You will need to complete the introductory quiz, watch the video, answer the questions from the worksheet and complete the final quiz. You can print the worksheet off if you prefer.




If an adult or an older person is at home with you, see if they can test you on the last spellings (see below).





 LI: To develop a rich understanding of words associated with running. 


In today’s lesson, we will introduce new vocabulary and identify synonyms.  


Use the link below to take you to today’s learning. You need to watch the video. During the video you will be asked to pause the lesson and complete an activity.




Log onto TT Rockstars to practise the times tables. 




Our topic for this term is called Raging Rivers. This is a geography topic where we will explore how rivers a formed and the famous rivers in our local area, in our country and in the world.


LI: To understand where water comes from. 


Before you begin today’s learning, I would like you to complete the first two columns of the KWL grid. Don’t worry if you don’t know much about rivers just yet but make sure you have at least 3 interesting questions which you would like to learn about rivers. 


Once you have completed the KWL, read through today’s PowerPoint and complete the water cycle activity.