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Voluntary Controlled Primary

Thursday 25th Feb


Today we are revisiting the sound of 'x'. 

Have a go at the Dragon's Den game on Phonics Play (link in the useful website section.)

Have a go at writing these words with look, cover, write, check 

mix, fix, taxi, extra, tax, box


We are really enjoying our story the Noisy House. Today we will be working on adding actions and miming the story. 


Today in maths, we will be looking at 'ordinal language' when we are sequencing evens in the day. 

We have met ordinal language before but we have used it to describe the position of things - e.g. in a race.



Today, we will be working on finding out what a Continent is. 

We will have a think about what town, city, country we live in and then move onto finding out about which continent our country is in.

Have a go at learning this song that we use in class. 

It is useful to help remember them continents with a song :)

Reading  Bug Club or reading books. 
Story Time

Pete the Cat and the perfect pizza party.