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Thursday 26th March 2020

Good morning everyone!


See the table below for today’s learning. 


Remember it is really important that you also spend some time reading and practising times tables every day. 


Just a reminder that if you don’t have a home learning pack you will need to complete the work in your own notebook or on paper. If you don’t have any paper you could do the learning on a laptop or computer. If you are doing the work on individual pieces of paper make sure you keep it altogether so you are organised.  


Remember to email me on if you have any learning-related questions. It would also be nice to see photos of your learning. 


I will be tuning into PE with Joe again this morning. If you want to join in, Joe Wicks will be live from his YouTube channel at 9am -


Mrs Harvey smiley





LI: To multiply decimal numbers.   


Write the date, Roman numeral date and the LI in your maths home learning book (or on paper if you do not have a home learning pack). 


Today, you will be focusing on multiplying decimals. 


Complete all the questions on the worksheet. 





LI: To identify and use prepositions.


Write the long date and LI in your home learning book (or on paper). 


Today, you are going to learn about prepositions. A preposition tells your when things happen, where things happen and why things happen. 



The football went over the net.  

This tells us where the football went. 


Using your English SATs Revision Book, turn to the page which is all about prepositions and revise this page (there is also a photo of this page in the resource section). 


You can also revise prepositions on the BBC Bitesize website using this link:


Once you have revised prepositions, complete the worksheet found in the resource section in your books. 





Go through the learning on numbers and all about me on this BBC Bitesize website. The link is below.