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Voluntary Controlled Primary

Thursday 28th January


For today's Maths lesson, we are going to use our rulers accurately and draw and measure lines in cm and mm.
We will start by think about tools that we can use for measuring length and tools for other measuring. We will learn some new vocabulary linked to measuring lengths and recap on how to measure accurately.
For your task you will be measuring and drawing lines accurately using cm and mm combined. Have a go at completing the tasks making sure that you start to measure at the ) line on your ruler.


In this lesson, you are going to be given a definition of 'being' verbs. First, you will identify the forms of the verb 'to be' in sentences. Then, you are going to look at plural and singular forms of the verb 'to be'. After that, you will be looking at past/present tense forms of the verb 'to be'. Watch the video lesson and read the 'Using the verb to be' PowerPoint to help you to understand the idea. 
Your task -  Complete the 2 star activity where you will need to choose the correct verb for each sentence. You will also be matching parts of sentences together where the present forms of to be are used.


Don't forget to test yourself on last weeks spellings! You can do this with a grown up or join us today at 9:45am during out morning 'Google Meet' chat


Year 3 Spellings (test 4.2.21)
This weeks rule: Challenging words (silent letters)

centre learn
decide notice
disappear minute
early regular


Can you choose 8 of your new spellings to write into sentences?


In this lesson, we are going to explore music with 3 beats in a bar.

During this lesson we will:

  • recap the 'Crazy Glue' song and cup game
  • explore music with 3 beats in a bar
  • clap to music with 3 beats in a bar
  • learn a piece with 3 beats in a bar

Watch and join in with the video music lesson below: