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Thursday 30th April 2020





Good morning everyone!


See the table below for today’s learning. 


Just a reminder that it is really important that you continue to read and practise the timetables every day. I know this is not always in the table but this must be done daily.


Remember if you don’t have a home learning pack you will need to complete the work in your own notebook or on a piece of paper. 


If you have any learning-related questions email me on I would be really good to see some of your learning so if an adult allows you to, you can send me pictures of your learning or things you have been doing whilst at home – I will be putting these on the website. 


Mrs Harvey smiley






LI: To find percentages of numbers.    


Write the date, Roman numeral date and the LI in your maths home learning book (or on paper if you do not have a home learning pack). 


Today, you will be recapping percentages. 


Click on the following link – this will take you to the BBC Bitesize website where it has information and videos to help with your learning today.


Your task is to answer the questions from either the red, blue or gold worksheet. Make sure you choose the correct worksheet. 





LI: Under the bed – story starter.


Write the long date and the LI in you literacy home learning book or on a piece of paper. 


Today, we are going to write a story using the image ‘Under the bed’ (the larger image can be found in the resource section).



Under the bed

The scuttling noise had disturbed Michael, and he’d shot bolt upright in bed. After taking a deep breath, he flung himself onto the smooth wooden boards of his bedroom floor and took a peek…



Your task today is to complete the story above, remembering to include the year 6 writing and grammar features. Also try to include some of the year 5/6 spellings. 


Try to write at least three paragraphs. 


You can use your ideas from Tuesday’s and yesterday’s work.


Once you have finished, read through your writing and make any corrections and improvements in a different coloured pen. I have put the year 5/6 spellings and self-editing checklist in the resource section to help you. 


I would love to read your stories, so send them to the class email mail





Go through the learning on activities and hobbies on the BBC Bitesize website. The link is below.





Below is a link to some computing activities that you might like to try. There are learning together activities, mini missions and interactive learning games for you to have a go at.


You can also access hour of code if you prefer. 



TT Rockstars


I have put a copy of the TT Rockstars grid in the resource section.


Print out the grid or draw it in your maths home learning books. 


Can you beat Tuesday’s score?

Test yourself, take a note of the time and send me your scores.


We will do another test next week to see if you can beat your score! 




I know PE is not on the list for you to do today however, I just wanted to let you know that Joe Wicks is doing a PE session every morning on his YouTube channel from 9am if you would like to get involved. I’ve copied the link below if anyone is interested.









You can send your completed learning to the class email for it to be marked and to receive feedback.