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Voluntary Controlled Primary

Thursday 4th Feb

Breathing Bee Breath -

Today, we are reviewing some sounds we have learned.

Today, we are looking at oa/oo/ar


We have done such a good job with our work so far on Little Red Riding Hood. 

Today, we are going to sing out our story.


Today, we will be looking at counting up to 15 as we did such a good job yesterday. 

We will work on putting these numbers in order too. You will need number cards for 11-15. These can be just written on post-its or pieces of paper.


We are carrying on our Geography Topic on the UK. 

Today's lesson -

Here is a great video to watch

Can you remember the names of the seas around Great Britiain?

Reading Bug Club or reading books. 
Story Time 

Today's book is When a Dragon Moves In.