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Thursday 7th January

Thursday 7th Jan 21 Reception/Y1 please see Stephenson's page


Today we will be looking at the sound of 'th'.

Don't forget to use the phonics games we enjoy using in class. They are in the Useful Website section.


Today we will be building on our work from the concept of 0. 

We will be looking at combining two numbers. 

You will need - numbers 0-6 (we used post-its but pieces of card or paper will be good too)

                       something to count with (you could use pasta, lego, pencils or anything you can use to count)

                       a part whole model (see the picture below, it can be drawn on a piece of paper)



Today we will be carrying on with the story of the Sweet Talking Potato. 

We really enjoyed it yesteday. 

Today you will need - paper and a pencil or pen.

We will be learning how to map and speak a story.


We are starting a new topic today called Dips and Dippers. 

In class, we will be using our senses to try some different dips and sauces. 

At home, with a grown up, you could have a go at trying different dips/sauces. We will be evaluating them and you could do the same. You could either take a photo, give it a rating out of 10 or just tell me which ones you liked/didn't.

 Don't forget to try to use your senses - sight 



In class, we will be trying: Humus, Salsa, Guacamole, Raita and Thousand Island Sauce.


Bug Club or reading books you have at home.

If you are struggling to access Bug Club, drop an email and I can arrange for reading books for you to collect at the office.