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Week 6

Topic this half term is 'Beside The Seaside'


This week, we will look at a map of Great Britain, and find out where seaside resorts are in our country.

You could start by talking about your families' trips to the seaside. Have you ever been to the seaside, and if so, where did you go? Find it on the map.

Then, look at the powerpoint of seaside resorts and decide which one you would like to research together. There are research worksheets to print out or just write into your home learning journal. 



Week 5 

Topic this week, is ....dragons and unicorns! One of my favourites!

You can design a dragon or unicorn and label them, to show their special magical powers, or choose an activity from the ones below. This can link to your writing task if you like. 




Week 4 Dinosaurs

Learn about dinosaurs, when they lived, the different species and how they became extinct.

Dinosaur names and facts.

What happened to dinosaurs?

Lots of interesting facts.



Mary Anning Dinosaur Hunter


You could:

Make a mini book about one or more of the dinosaurs. 

Write about the work of Mary Anning. 

Make your own video about dinosaurs.

Draw and label a dinosaur.


Have a go at these fun ideas:

Make dinosaur fossils.

Make a dinosaur excavation with 'bones' and sand.



Topic week 3 - Minibeasts


This week, make the most of the outdoors, by learning about minibeasts.

Watch this video - Minibeast adventure with Jess:


Create a fact file either about one or a collection of minibeasts...then enjoy a hunt in the garden or on your daily activity walk, using the checklist on this page!

BBC lesson on making a fact file:

Year 1:

Year 2:

Week 2


This week, we are going to look at transport, old and new. 

Watch the powerpoints and videos to give you some ideas....then decide which form of transport you want to research.

There is lots of information on the internet or in books.

You could research the history of bikes if you like (penny farthing), or just concentrate on new bikes (racing bikes/mountain bikes) for example. It is your project, so you decide what you would like to learn more about.


Then, make a model of your chosen transport, using anything you can find around the house...check with an adult first! Please send some photos so I can share them with your friends.