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Voluntary Controlled Primary

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Geography Challenge


This week we would like to you to find out about a country that you don't know much about. Choose a country that begins with your first initial and see if you can find out the following: 

  • Where the country is located on the map
  • Which continent it is in
  • The capital city 
  • The population
  • The currency used 
  • The languages spoken 
  • Does the country have a royal family, a prime minisiter or president? Who rules the country?
  • What is the climate of your chosen country?
  • Does it have any famous landmarks? Sports teams? Celebrities? 
  • Any other interesting facts.


Share your information in any way you wish to - e.g. poster, leaflet, booklet, Powerpoint, video etc. We would LOVE to see what you find out. Please email us your creations smiley