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Tuesday 21st April 2020





Hello Turing Class!


See the table below for today’s learning. 


Just a reminder that it is really important that you continue to read and practise the times tables every day. I know this is not always in the table but this must be done daily.


Remember if you don’t have a home learning pack you will need to complete the work in your own notebook or on a piece of paper. 


If you have any learning-related questions email me on You can also send me pictures of your learning or things you have been doing whilst at home – I will be putting these on the website. 


Mrs Harvey smiley





LI: Decimal place value.


Write the date, Roman numeral date and the LI in your maths home learning book (or on paper if you do not have a home learning pack). 


Today, you will revisit decimals. 


You will be focusing on decimal inequalities (greater than and less than), sequencing on number lines, decimals as fractions and rounding decimals.


Remember, when you are rounding if the number is 5 or more you round up. If the number is 4 or below the number stays the same.



Ordering numbers smallest to largest

                  3.03        0.3        0.03     

Answer:         0.03        0.3        3.03 



                 32.492                23.291

Answer:        32.492        >      23.291


Rounding to the nearest tenth (0.1)

                 3.92        5.35        8.48

Answer:        3.9         5.4         8.5


Your task is to answer the questions from either the red, blue or gold worksheet (you know which one to choose).





LI: Hulk’s day off – questions and up-levelling sentences.


Write the long date and the LI in you literacy home learning book or on a piece of paper. 


Have a look at the image of Hulk and his dog (there is an attachment of the picture in the resource section for you to enlarge).




Answer the following questions in your books. 

  1. Could the Hulk be incredible if he was skinny?
  2. We are all incredible at something. What are you incredible at?
  3. What else do you aspire to be incredible at in the future?
  4. If you could have super powers, what would you choose?
  5. What activities do you think Hulk would be good/bad at?
  6. What food do you think the Hulk eats?
  7. If you met Hulk, what questions could you ask him?



The sentences below are very basic. Your task is to re-write them to make the sentences more interesting. Think about the year 6 features - can you include adverbs, adjectives, relative clauses or expanded noun phrases? 


  1. The Hulk walked through the park.
  2. He was big and green. 
  3. His dog was small. 







LI: To discover facts about the Maya people. 


Turn to the back of your literacy home learning book and write the long date and LI.


Today, we are going to start our new topic. It is called Mayan Civilisation


Today’s lesson will be about learning who the Maya people were, where they lived and when they lived. 


Your first task is to draw a KWL chart on your books and complete the first two columns – What you know and what you would like to know. I have done an example for you which is at the start of the PowerPoint. 


Next, I would like you to read the information in the PowerPoint.


Once you have gone through the information, complete the ‘Welcome to the Maya Area’ activity which is explained in the PowerPoint. 


I would love to see some of your ‘Welcome to the Maya Area’ tourist information pages. So, if you can, send it to the class email and I can upload it to our home learning page for your friends to see.




I know PE is not on the list for you to do today however, I just wanted to let you know that Joe Wicks is doing a PE session every morning on his YouTube channel from 9am if you would like to get involved. I’ve copied the link below if anyone is interested.