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Voluntary Controlled Primary

Tuesday 23rd Feb


Today, we are reviewing the sound 'v'.

Have a go at writing the words (using cover, write, check).

visit, van, vet, van

Write the sentence (without copying it from the screen):

I went a visit to the vet with my dog. 


We really enjoyed yesterday's start to the new unit. 

Today, we are creating a story map to the new story The Noisy House. 

You will need paper and a pencil. 


Today, we are working on the days of the week. Before we start, have a think about what day it is today, what day was it yesterday and what day will it be tomorrow?


Today, we are looking at a faith that some people follow. It is called Judaism. 

We will look at a story from their faith today to start us off.

Reading Bug Club and reading books 
Story Time

Lotus and Feather