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Voluntary Controlled Primary

Tuesday 26th January

Today in our Maths lesson, we are going to be completing our Multiplication and Division topic by consolidating and revising what we have learnt.
During this lesson, we will:
  • revise doubles and ten times greater
  • recap what factors and products are
  • go over using bar models and correspondence to solve problems

Have a go at completing the tasks. There are 2 parts of the task for you to complete each asking you to practice what we have learnt.


We are starting a new topic in our Literacy lessons today - Instructions.
We are going to start our new topic by learning about the features of instructions.
During this lesson we will:

  • revise what nouns, verbs, adverbs and adjectives are
  • investigate where we use instructions
  • look at how time words are used in instructions
  • learn the different features of a set of instructions


Click on the video lesson below and read the PowerPoint to learn about the features of instructions.

Your task - Read through the instructions for 'How to wash your elephant'. Label the following features on the instructions:
heading, subheading, introduction sentence(s), a list of what is needed, steps in chronological order, imperative (bossy verbs), numbers to sequence the steps, conclusion sentence, adverbs and conjunctions to show time


In our Science lesson today, we are going to be learning about the functions of a skeleton.
Read through the PowerPoint and watch the video where we will be learning about the 4 main functions:
- protection

- support

- shape

- movement

We will also learn about the different rtype of joints that work with our skeletons:

  • ball and socket
  • hinge
  • gliding

Your task - You will need to label and colour parts of the skeleton that are for protection and for support. You also need to see if you can spot any of the different type of joints in the skeleton. Circle these in different colours.