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Voluntary Controlled Primary

Tuesday 2nd Feb

Christian Value Respect -

Today we are learning a digraph. It is usually, but not always, found at the end of words. 

Today's sound is 'er'

Have a go at writing some of these words in a sentence. 


We did really well yesterday with our story Little Red Riding Hood, that today we will map out our story.



Today we will be working using a number line (track) and adding and subtracting using it. 

You will have one if you collected the pack at the office at the start of Lockdown. If not, ask a grown up to draw one out for you up to 10.


Today, we are looking at different jobs. We will be learning about what it means to have a job. 

Talk with your grown up and find out about their jobs or jobs people you know have.

Readingq Bug Club or reading books
Story Time

Today's story is the Tale of Peter Rabbit