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Voluntary Controlled Primary

Wednesday 10th February


In this lesson, we will build on knowledge of data to accurately read and understand a range of bar charts.

We will begin by recapping what have learnt about data and pictograms. We will then begin to look at bar charts, exploring how they work and learning how to answer questions using them.

Click on the picture below to watch today's video lesson. Have a go at some of the questions on the video.

Your task - Answer the questions on the bar charts that you have been given. Take care reading the scales and make sure that you take a look at the X axis before you begin


Today, we are going to start to learn about persuasive writing. We will be learning about adverts, their features and writing our own adverts.
In this lesson, we will look at an example of an advert and discuss its PALL - purpose, audience and language. Children will then write their own sentences using a comparative and a superlative.

We will begin by identifying what is wrong with some sentences and correcting them. We will talk about what an advert (or advertisement) is and where we could have seen them. We will look at some examples of adverts  and explore them by using PALL (Purpose, Audience, Language, Layout). Finally we will explore how comparative and superlative adjectives can be used in adverts.
Watch the video lesson to find out more:


Your task - Look at the examples of different adverts. Highlight and label the different features on the example. Complete the table on the sheet, giving examples of these features. Don't worry if you can not find an example for every feature.


For our topic learning today, we will be learning about what the climate is like in parts of North America.

In this lesson, we will be learning about the meaning of the word 'climate' and then move on to learning about the climate of two regions: The Caribbean and the Mountainous West. We will also look at how these regions will be affected by climate change.

Watch the video lesson below to find out more:


Your task - Answer the questions using what we have learnt from the video lesson. What are the similarities and differences between the climates of the Caribbean and the Mountainous West? List them in the table on your sheet.