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Voluntary Controlled Primary

Wednesday 24th Feb


Today, we are reviewing the sound of 'w'

Have a go at writing these words using 'look, cover, write, check'

wet, watch, well, switch, witch

Have a go at writing this sentence without looking at the screen. 

The witch turned a watch into a switch. 


We have really been enjoying the story of the Noisy house, in class. 

Today, we join Adam Guillian while we step out the story.


Today, we are carrying on looking at the passing of time. We have looked at seasons, then days of the week and today, we are going to look at sequencing things we do during the day.


Today, we are going to use our music skills, to think about our neighbourhood.

Reading Bug Club or reading books - don't forget to get in touch if you need new books. 
Story Time

Today's story is Quackenstein