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Voluntary Controlled Primary

Wednesday 27th Jan


Today we are looking at a trigraph 'ear' 

It is a tricky one but I am sure we can do it! laugh

Have a go at reading and writing these words with our new sound. 

Can you write a sentence or two using a word from the list?


Today, we are carrying on our super effort of writing our discussion. 

You will need your boxed up discussion, a pencil and paper.


Today we are learning to count on using items. This means starting from a given number, 

for example 6 and counting on 3. 

You can use anything you have at home that will help you to count.


We are starting a new unit in music today called out in my neighbourhood.

Reading Bug Club or reading books - don't forget to change or request books. 
Story Time Beegu written by and read by Alexis Deacon