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Voluntary Controlled Primary

Small School, Big Ideas

Weekly Phonics Mrs Mulligan's group

Weekly sounds and words will be given out on a Monday. Please encourage your child to practise these using the spelling book sent home (please do not return this book to school). Children will be assessed on the following Monday. 

Encouraging your child to recognise and form these will have a massive impact on their learning and ability. 


enlightenedSpot the letter around home, out and about and on street signs 

enlightenedUse post-its. Have different letters written on them and encourage your child to tap/find/bring you the sound 

enlightenedUse post-its and have different letters written on them - can they read them going up/down the stairs?

enlightenedWrite their letter in the bath with the bubbles, on a window or with chalk outside. 


Positivity from grown-ups makes learning fun and valuable for our littlest learners. If you need any more ideas or support, please don't hesitate to get email. smiley


1. s

2. a

3. t

4. p

5. sat