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Week 5

Grammar lesson

Using exclamation marks

Year 1

Year 2


Writing this week, will be linked to Topic, which is Dragons and Unicorns. 

Write a story of your own, or retell a story you have read/heard. There is a story mountain to plan your ideas together if you want to below! Using all your punctuation, sentence starters, expanded noun phrases and even exclamation marks, make your story as interesting as you can. 

This is the writing focus for the next few weeks, so take your time and make your story magical! I am going to make this a competition, and the best story will win a book when we return to school.  


There are some great ebooks and read aloud books on youtube. 

Try some of these: Lilly and her magical Unicorn dreams

Sugarlump and the Unicorn

Uni the Unicorn

Not Your Typical Dragon

Lynnie and the Gentle Dragon

Week 4 

Year 1: tall letters and short sentences

Year 2: using commas in a list when writing statements


Writing - A Cloudy lesson

Watch this video:

A cloud maker and his apprentice grandson are busy making clouds but everything doesn't happen as it should.  As things don't go according to plan, the pair of them learn that good ideas come from happy accidents. 

The choice is yours! 
- Write instructions for 'How to make clouds.' Use imperatives.
- Write dialogue between the two.
- Invent ways in which other natural phenomena are made e.g lightning, thunder, etc
- Write a news report detailing what people saw in the sky, perhaps interview the cloud maker for explanation.

Make sure you go cloud spotting out side - can the children find shapes in the sky? Perhaps use similes and metaphors to describe them e.g. a cloud chasing another like a puppy across the sky







Grammar Week 3

Education City (login: Stephenson/Password: Stephenson)

Year 1 commas and full stops

Year 2  homophones

Writing Task

Year 1:


Year 2: