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Small School, Big Ideas

Year 1

Year 1 

Friday 6th November



LI: I will recap my learning of number bonds of 10

Children have been learning bonds with this video:

Maybe you could use counters, pegs or other objects to make 10 

This is a good video to show part part whole concept.




LI: I am learning to sequence sentences to create a description. 

Children use their plans to create  a character description. Children should include senses sentences and  extend sentences using ‘and’.


Resource 5a/5b/5c/5d/5e Literacy Shed


I will create a bottle rocket

There should be an instruction sheet in your child's pack, along with other crafts to try.



Year 1

Thursday 5th November


Please practise this week's spellings for a test on Monday.

These comics are good for practising blending sounds learnt. Click on phase 5a for a challenge!


I will recognise 2d and 3d shapes in the environment.

We have added an activity at the bottom of this page, to help children to recognise that there are a variety of shapes in their environment. perhaps look at this first, then go on a shape hunt. Maybe children can write a list/draw pictures of shapes they find. 

Some games to try:



I am learning to join clauses using ‘and’.

Children to build sentences using 2 clauses joined by ‘and’. Children aim to group ideas together to give their writing flow. Support your child to join clauses (previously composed) using the conjunction and.

eg. The alien has spiky blue fur and red sparkly eyes. 

 Resource 4a Literacy Shed

Following on from Good Samaritan in REs

I can write an acrostic poem about being kind. There is a sheet in your child's pack which explains this. 



Wednesday 4th November

Phonics games and practise:

Maths: Following on from the last 2 days learning about 2d and 3d shapes. Can your child recognise shapes around the house, and tell you if they are 2d or 3d?

There is a worksheet in their pack to help with this too. 


LI: I am learning to use my senses to describe. 

1. Replay the film ‘The Way Back Home’ and recap the work already done this week.  Remind the children that they are working towards writing a short description. 

2. Ask the children if they know what the 5 senses are. Can anybody name one of our 5 senses?

3. Explain that, today, they will be using the senses to describe more  elements of the alien. They have already worked hard and written all the things they can  see – using the expanded noun phrases from yesterday! Today, we will be concentrating  on using our imaginations to think about what we can hear, smell and how he makes us  feel.  

Explain that although taste is one of our senses, we can’t use it to describe an alien! Taste  is used to describe things like food and drink. 

4. Children use some of their senses to describe a character.

Resource 3a/3b Literacy Shed


LI: I am learning about the other planets in our solar system

There is a lovely video and a song learn the names and some facts about each of the 8 planets.

We have sent home a worksheet to cut and stick the names of the planets. Perhaps you could also create a fact file on one of them.


Solar system video





Year 1

Tuesday November 3rd


Phonics play games 

login: woodhouses

password: eleanor1

Buried treasure

Tricky word trucks

Literacy continuing from Monday's lesson

LI: I am learning to write expanded noun phrases. 

Children use adjectives to create expanded noun phrases – describing a character

Resource 2a/2b/2c Literacy Shed


LI: I will recognise and name 3d shapes


LI: I will listen to the story of The Good Samaritan and think about how I can try to help others.

How many acts of kindness can you complete on the scavenger hunt?




Year 1

Monday 2nd November



Please revisit spellings from week before half term, and practise these  new words for test next Monday.

1. one

2. two

3. three

4. four

5. five

6. six

7. seven

8. eight

9. nine

10. ten


What are 2D shapes?

This week we are looking at 2D shapes. These are flat shapes. 

On a piece of paper, write down as many shape names as your know. 

Let's start by learning a song.

Using BBC Bitesize, we will have a look at 2D shapes and have a go at the quiz at the end.

Now, look at the list you wrote at the start. 

Are there any more you can add to the list? Were there any that weren't 2D shapes? 


LI: Using a range of adjectives to describe a character.



Before showing the film ask the children to predict what they think will happen in the story –
show them the title and the thumbnail image.
Show children the film ‘The Way Back Home’ – pause throughout and ask children
comprehension questions if desired. Allow children time to discuss their initial thoughts and
feelings about the film and answer any questions they might have.


Please watch Literacy Shed film unit:

Then complete worksheets 1a/1b/1c of the pack below.


What is Day and Night?


This is also a good video to help learn the concept:

Then complete the activity below.