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Voluntary Controlled Primary

Year 1



Watch the video to review todays trigraph sounds:

Review air/ere ear are - YouTube


Complete the activity sheet by sorting the words and then writing a sentence using one of the words.


Today is 'Free Write Friday'!

Use your imagination to look at the picture and write an amazing story!

Don't forget our 'non-negotiables'. I want to see capital letters, finger spaces and full stops! Think about your beautiful handwriting too. I can't wait to read them!


Today we are continuing to practise our ladder letters. Use the sheet below to practise your formation.



We have started our unit on Numbers to 50, this week and have been looking at tens and ones. This lesson will support this learning. Please follow the link to Oak Academy lesson on Tens and Ones. 


Exploring Tens and Ones


Play the online game to practise your number knowledge!

Helicopter Rescue


Draw a snow dog!

DrawWithRob - Snowdog