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Year 4


Learning Intention: To calculate the perimeter of rectilinear shapes. 


The perimeter is the total distance around the outside of a 2D shape.

To find the perimeter, you add up the totals of the sides :

8cm +4cm +8cm +4cm  = 24cm 


Or you could do

8cm x 2= 16cm

4cm x 2 = 8cm 


total =     24cm 


A rectilinear shape is a 2D shape whose sides meet at right angles. Here is one below: 



Again, to find the perimeter you would add the length of the sides together:


12cm + 3cm + 4cm + 9cm + 4cm+ 9cm+ 4cm + 3cm = 48cm 



Knowledge Organiser



Can you work out the perimeter of these rectilinear shapes?





Problem Solving Questions


How would you work out the perimeter of these shapes with some unknown sides?


Times Tables 


Please, please, please spend some time each day practising your times tables. We are continuing to focus on 11 times tables including division facts. 


Please make sure you are using TTRockstars, Hit the Button etc. 


There are some worksheets attached if you would like to use them. 


Don't forget to cast your eyes over the other times tables you have learnt previously. It might be a good idea to have a look at your times tables mat each day for a few minutes.